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Civil Rights:  The Law Office of Kevin G. Little has handled hundreds of civil rights cases brought against police officers and other government officials.  Mr. Little has handled more civil rights cases than any other attorney in the Fresno area and has helped many victims vindicate their rights at trial or through settlement.

​Criminal Law:  The Law Office of Kevin G. Little has handled a variety of criminal cases, including homicide cases, other major felonies, DUI, and other misdemeanors.  If you need a passionate advocate who will leave no stone unturned and get you the best possible result, consider us first. 

Employment Discrimination:  Employment discrimination cases are among the Law Office of Kevin G. Little's true specialties.  Whether it is a case of discrimination in employment or wrongful termination, or if you need help negotiating a severance package or obtaining unemployment benefits, we can assist you.

Workplace Retaliation:  More and more often, employers are retaliating against employees who raise issues of importance in the workplace, and the Law Office of Kevin G. Little has many years of experience in fighting retaliation, whether it be termination, demotion, or other disadvantageous treatment.

Trial Attorney:  The Law Office of Kevin Little is a skilled trial law firm.  Mr. Little has tried approximately 60 cases in the state and federal courts.  If you or your firm have a case that needs to be taken to a jury trial, we are confident we could put on a compelling case for you.

Agribusiness Law:  The Law office of Kevin G. Little represents several agribusiness firms in the San Joaquin Valley in a variety of matters, including collection cases, drafting corporate documents, business negotiations, and real estate issues.

Medical Malpractice:  The Law Office of Kevin G. Little has been handling various medical cases for over 20 years, including wrongful death cases, birth injury cases, emergency room cases, infectious disease cases and cases related to botched surgeries.

Personal Injury:  The Law Office of Kevin G. Little handles a variety of personal injury matters, including motor vehicle cases, slip and fall cases, elder abuse,  battery cases, sexual assault cases, and more.

Civil Litigation:  In addition to the specific types of civil cases listed above, the Law Office of Kevin G. Little has experience with a variety of other civil cases, including fraud cases, real estate disputes, insurance litigation, common carrier cases, accounting cases, misappropriation cases, wrongful foreclosures, and landlord-tenant cases.  If you have an important case, we can help.

Appellate Law:  Kevin G. Little has done hundreds of appeals in state and federal court and he has a sterling record of defending verdicts he has won and in obtaining reversals of cases that were decided against his client at the trial level.  If you have an important appeal, we can assist you in preparing the best appeal possible.

Family Law: The Law Office of Kevin G. Little has litigated family law cases throughout the Central Valley, including simple and complex divorces, child custody matters, dependency cases, and adoptions.

Bankruptcy:  The Law Office of Kevin G. Little has experience handling cases brought under chapters 7, 11 and 13 of the U.S. Bankruptcy Code, both on behalf of debtors and creditors.

Estate Law:  The Law Office of Kevin G. Little has experience drafting wills, living trusts, special needs trusts, probate petitions, powers of attorney, living wills, and other documents for clients in need.

Mediation:  Kevin G. Little is a certified mediator, and has been named to the mediation panels in Fresno, Kings, Tulare and San Joaquin counties.  Mr. Little has experience mediating both civil and family law matters.